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Dojang (Studio) Etiquette

  • Students should arrive at class 5-10 minutes early.
  • Salute the flags upon entering/exiting the Dojang.
  • Greet instructor and/or senior members.
  • Place shoes on the rack and bags along the wall.
    • Children should get their attendance cards.
  • Salute upon entering the training area (mat)
    • If a class is in session students should wait seated on the edge of the mat. If not, students may stretch or practice. (No running, climbing, etc.)
    • Late students should stand at attention at the edge of the mat.
  • Students should be silent, still and focused during opening and closing ceremonies.
    • Other students in the Dojang should remain at attention.
    • Parents and visitors are asked to remain silent during this time.

The MDK Belt System

New students begin at white belt, 10th Geup, and then work their way towards 1st Geup, Red Belt. After 1st Geup is 1st Dan, Midnight Blue Belt. While most styles use a black belt as a symbol of their highest level, the Moo Duk Kwan uses a Midnight Blue Belt. This symbolizes our inability to reach perfection. Just as the midnight sky is infinite, so is our ability to learn. *Tiger Tots are technically 10th Geup, but after consistent training may be evaluated for 9th or 8th Geup depending on their skill level and maturity.

White Belt Beginner 10–9 Geup
Orange Belt Advanced Beginner 8–7 Geup
Green Belt Intermediate 6–4 Geup
Red Belt Advanced 3–1 Geup
Midnight Blue 1–3 Dan
Master 4 Dan +

OMDK Training by Rank

Rank Hyeong Il Su Sik Dae Ryeon Ho Sin Sul
10th Geup Gicho hyeong il-bu #1–2
9th Geup Gicho hyeong i-bu
8th Geup Gicho hyeong sam-bu #3–4
7th Geup Pyeong-an cho-dan
6th Geup Pyeong-an i-dan #5–10 Sets #1–2
5th Geup Pyeong-an sam-dan
4th Geup Pyeong-an sa-dan
3rd Geup Pyeong-an o-dan
Chil-seong il-ro
#11–18 Sets #3–4
Side Grabs
Back Grabs
2nd Geup Basai
Chil-seong i-ro
1st Geup Naihanji cho-dan
Rank Hyeong Sam Su Sik Dae Ryeon Ho Sin Sul
1st Dan Du-mun
Chil-seong sam-ro
Naihanji i-dan
#1–5 Dan-do (knife)
Lower Sleeve Grabs
2nd Dan Jung-jeol
Chil-seong sa-ro
Naihanji sam-dan
#6–10 Jang-bong (long staff)
Upper Sleeve Grabs
3rd Dan Po-wol
Chil-seong o-ro
4th Dan Yang-pyeong
Chil-seong yuk-ro
5th Dan Sal-shu
Chil-seong chil-ro
6th Dan Chung-ro
7th Dan Sip dan geum